For a fortunate few, it comes naturally, with an ability to create Rapport and pace and lead the negotiation towards their desired objective. For many others, the outcome of the sales process is often random, where the difference between success and failure is often ambiguous. In situations of success, the Salesperson is keen to take credit for their achievements, however, when the deal is lost, there is always an excuse to why the Customer did not buy.

There is a specific structure that defines a successful negotiation. During this course participants will learn how to:

• Manage the clients’ doubts.
• Understand what motivates clients to buy.
• Pace and lead the conversation in a non-aggressive way.
• Reformulate and reframe objections.
• Create rapport.
• Improve sales ef ciency.
• Understand the internal state of the client and their mental strategy for buying.

The course will focus on the following areas:

The Power of Rapport– how to create a relationship of harmony and af nity, how to inspire trust, authority and admiration in order to drive the negotiation process
• Powerful Questioning- How to determine your Customers Strategic Objectives and Buying Patterns.

Communication Models– Identifying your Customers communication style whether that be Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic. How to ommunicate in your clients preferred model.

Determine Needs– understand each client’s speci c motivation and how best to sell to them by addressing both their personal and professional goals and values.

Link Customer needs to Products or Services– How to present your offering in line with the Customers Key Business Requirements and Strategic goals in the manner that is most resonant to them.

Handling Objections and Closing the Sale– Using NLP techniques such as Metamodel and Reframing to successfully overcome objections and close the sale. This includes positive anchoring to your products or services and negative anchors associated to your competition.

This course is based on the 5Cs® model:

“Create State” – If we can influence the way we feel we can influence the results that we achieve.
“Confidence” – Sales is based on generating trust with clients.
“Compile” – Wisely gather information about clients’ buying strategies.
“Couple” your clients’ needs with your offer.
“Close” – current actions and future loyalty.

The sales program will help you communicate better, create rapport with customers and conduct negotiations towards the desired results.We provide linguistic and communicative patterns that lead to influence and successful persuasion in order to achieve consistent success.

Influence and Persuasion are natural skills that can be enhanced by the Talent Architects Sales Programme in order to enhance efficiency, create more beneficial and sustainable Customer relationships through better understanding. You will perceive a reduced Sales Cycle and an increase in the conversion rate, resulting in higher revenues, margin and improved Sales performance.


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