The ability to communicate effectively implies the expression of feelings, beliefs and thoughts openly, as well as defending personal rights and values ​​in a socially acceptable manner, not offensive or destructive.

Communication, both verbally and nonverbally, is the basis of everything we do and achieve. Efficient communication between people builds trust and increase the well being of a relationship.

There are three types of difficult conversations: those that go wrong, those that go very well and those that are avoided.

The purpose of this course is to improve communication and influence abilities in order to transform challenging conversations into opportunities and to co-create trustworthy relationships.

This programme is addressed to anyone who wished to:

  • Improve their communication and influence skills.
  • Manage difficult conversations.
  • Know how to transform a conflict into a negotiation.
  • Manage their emotional state during conversations. 
  • Learn how to use advanced communication patterns in order to make sure that their message lands as intend

The programme consists of 2 days in-class experiential learning course.

5Cs is the model that this programme was built on and it proposes that communication relies on the following 5 pillars:

  1. “Congruency” is about establishing coherence between verbal and nonverbal cues based on an resourceful emotional background that is needed for a successful conversation. 
  2. “Connect” is about building trust, show empathy and create instant rapport with people in order to reduce resistance during the conversations. 
  3. “Clarity” is about using the verbal and nonverbal language with precision and in an assertive way so that the message landed with the intended meaning.
  4. “Conclusion” is about using our senses at a higher level so that we can listen beyond what is being said, clarify meaning and giving conversational feedback. 
  5. “Co-Create” is about creating a space with common needs, values and interests wherefrom we can generate win-win solutions. 

The overall objective of the course is that you can have a structured and easy to apply steps in order to take conversations on the right track. 

By participating in this course you will receive the “Designing Successful Conversations” Certificate on behalf of Talent Architects.
  • Easy to apply steps that will guarantee successful conversations. 
  • Manual and workbook.
  • Specific strategies to apply in specific situations. 
  • Emotional self management tools and techniques. 


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